Wednesday, September 23, 2015

TOK 2: Day 18 - IRW

Independent Research and Writing
My son, Will, has Strep....again.....

Please use this day to complete any or all of the following:

Extended Essay Sentence Outline /Annotated Bibliography Due 9/28. (I Have created an assignment in Google Classroom for you to submit this.  After you submit it to me, go ahead and print it out, and we will put it in a folder to submit to your mentors.)
  • Outline: 
    • Make it specific. Format it correctly.
    • Incorporate all parts of essay
    • Include all major/minor points
    • Include references to sources where appropriate
  • Annotated Bibliography
    • 10-15 Sources
    • Separate into Primary/Secondary
    • Appropriate Bibliographic Style (MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.)
    • Brief synopsis of each work
CAS: Please be updating CAS activities, reflections, documentation. I will do a Check before next progress report. At least 2 activities per month! (I'll be checking this next week.)

TOK Presentation: Feel Free to begin work on your real-life presentation. 

  • I would like to start presentations on October 12 (which is a Monday) and do no more than two per day for that week and the next week.  
  • I added this to our IB Core Calendar. October 12, 14, 16, 20, and 22.  (I'm really fine with doing one a day and pushing into the next week also). 
  • This lets us avoid Homecoming week, and also gives whoever wants to sign up for that first day time to develop their pres and consult with me at least once beforehand.  
  • If you guys want to sort of who's going when, feel free!
Other Stuff: You know how to prioritize.

Monday, September 14, 2015

TOK 2: Day 14 (9/14) - TOK Presentation Practice

Image Source: TOK Guide, p. 55

Continue work on Mock TOK Presentation:

Your Assignment: Work with a partner to develop a practice TOK Presentation.
  • For the purposes of this mock presentation, please choose a Real Life Situation that deals (directly or indirectly) with either The Arts or History as an Area of Knowledge.
  • For the purposes of this mock presentation, please limit your presentation to 10 minutes total (remember that, for the REAL presentation, the appropriate time will be 10 minutes per presenter)
  • Please use the "Knowledge Questions, Concepts, & Claims" and "Practice with Knowledge Questions" handouts to guide your development of the presentation.
  • As you develop your presentation, please complete the TK/PPD form that is used for IA moderation.  Note: all of your responses are limited to 500 words or fewer (TOTAL!), so think carefully about how can best demonstrate your work here!!
  • Consider the TOK Presentation Rubric as your complete your presentation.
  • Due Date: 9/18/2015
I will begin brief Presentation Conferences with you once you have begun your work. 

Please Remember:
  • Mock Presentations due 9/18
  • Remember to add CAS activities, documents, and reflections to ManageBac
  • Ms. Holloway will be here next class for a CAS update.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

TOK 2: Day 12 (9/8) - Knowledge Claims, Concepts, & Questions

First, let's review the following ideas from TOK:
  • Knowledge Claims
  • Knowledge Questions
  • Knowledge Concepts
  • Real Life Situations
These are the building blocks of both your TOK Presentation and Essay.  

In the coming days, I am going to have you practice a TOK presentation by developing a set of knowledge questions around our current AOK, the Arts. 

Friday, September 4, 2015

TOK 1: Day 11 (9/4) - WOK Presentation Projects

Please continue working on your WOK Presentation Projects.  I will be conferencing with you individually.  Please note the Presentation Dates below (There are slight changes)

  • Day 12 (9/9): Perception (Jacob)
  • Day 13 (9/11): Language (Sara)
  • Day 14 (9/15): Faith (Mariana)
  • Day 15 (9/17): CAS & IRW -- I will be in and out this day.  Ms. Clark will be your sub.
  • Day 16 (9/21): Emotion (Tori)
  • Day 17 (9/23): Imagination (Bre)
  • Day 18 (9/25): Intuition (Sophia)
  • Day 19 (9/29): Reason/Memory (Brewer)

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

TOK 1: Day 10 (9/2)

Before Lunch, we will attempt to accomplish the following:

  • Continue to work on your WOK Lesson
    • Remember: THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX.  Feel free to find some way to make your lesson FUN or MEMORABLE or DIFFERENT!
  • Complete a First Draft of your "Lesson Framework" (on Google Classroom)
    • Guiding Questions
    • Essential Understandings
      • Definition(s)
      • Strengths/Weaknesses
      • Links to other WOK/AOK
    • Major Text
    • Activity?
After lunch:
  • You will continue to work on your lesson.  
  • I will be conferencing (<5 minutes) with each of you about your lesson.