Thursday, August 3, 2017

TOK 2, Day 1 (8/3): Let's DO this!!!!

Welcome back!  Let's start by just settling in and discussing the summer.  Then, we should go ahead and talk about these important deadlines and responsibilities:
  • Extended Essay
  • CAS Reflections, CAS Projects, & Service Learning
    • Continue ongoing reflections
    • Long Term Project
      • Must be at least 1 month in length
      • Requires you to take a leadership role
      • Should be "your thing"
      • Should be FINALIZED by Dec. 19
    • Mrs. Lawler will be here on 8/10 to check in
  • TOK Presentation - August/September
  • TOK Essay - January
  • IB Calendar
  • College Applications, Essays, etc.
  • EE 2000-word draft with works cited due on Google Classroom by 8/4 at midnight
  • Send this draft in an email to your mentor and arrange some time to "touch base" before 8/12

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