Thursday, August 10, 2017

TOK 1, Day 3 (8/10): Intro to CAS

Aims and Objectives:
  • develop an interest in the diversity and richness of cultural perspectives and an awareness of personal and ideological assumptions
  • critically reflect on their own beliefs and assumptions, leading to more thoughtful, responsible and purposeful lives
  • understand that knowledge brings responsibility which leads to commitment and action.

Essential Questions:

  1. What are the IB expectations surrounding CAS?
  2. How can engagement in service help me grow as a learner and a person?

In a few minutes we will welcome Mrs. Lawler, IB CAS Coordinator.  Until then, let's engage in a brief discussion of your written reflections from the first few days of TOK.
  • CAS Intro from Mrs. Lawler
  • Digital Tools: Blogs, Calendars, Managebac, Groupme vs. Slack
  • "This I Believe"
  • Work on "This I Believe" - Due 8/20

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