Thursday, March 16, 2017

TOK 1, Day 69 (3/16): Core Thursday


  • Review feedback from Mrs. Lawler
  • Add to CAS Reflections
  • Plan future CAS
  • CAS Experiences for me:
    • Box Books
    • IB Scrapbook
    • Hang Art in Hallway
Extended Essay:
  • Research! 
    • It's time to MOVE BEYOND GOOGLE
    • Use the Media Center's website/databases to locate SCHOLARLY MATERIAL
    • Dig deeper - try to find THEORY to help support your DETAILS
  • Complete Formal Research Proposal (available on the IB Extended Essay Website)
  • Make your thinking Visible! (RRS)
OR, you can be reading the Latour Article (Due Monday)

I will continue conferences.

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