Tuesday, January 24, 2017

TOK 2, Day 51 (1/24): The TOK Essay - Next Steps

Please click on the link above to go to the NEW CHS TOK Essay Site.  There you should spend some time doing the following:

  • Read over the exemplar essays and marking comments.  Think about what high-scoring essays do well, and what weaknesses you see in the low-scoring essays.
  • Read the instructions for the TK-PPF.  
  • Download the form (or create a draft in google docs) and complete your first reflection based on our initial Title Discussion Activity.
  • Choose what title you will write your essay on.
  • Begin developing your ideas for the title.  This can take many forms (free-writing, mind-mapping, brainstorming, etc.), but should eventually lead you to complete the TOK Planning Document.
We will plan to meet for 2nd reflection session beginning on Monday of next week!

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