Tuesday, November 29, 2016

TOK 2, Day 38 (11/29): EE Draft Final Prep


  • Submit your EE Draft to TurnItIn
    • Do this first (if you need to, you can do it again at the end of the period!)
    • Use the data and information that this program gives you to do final fixes and revisions on your work.
  • Use the student checklist, the assessment instrument, and this good example to make final checks on your essay. (We'll do this together!)  
    • Check on the professionality of your product (does it look beautiful?)
      • Cover page: Title, Name, Exam Year, RQ, World Studies Domain, Disciplines, Word Count, anything else?
      • Abstract and word count
      • Table of Contents
      • Header with LN and Page Number
    • Check on the RQ placement (On Cover Page? In Introduction? In Conclusion? In BOLD?!)
    • Check the format of your research
      • Do you have all your research cited and in quotes (when necessary) within your paper?
      • Do you have all your research cited in your 
    • Check on the Clarity of your Organization 
      • Are you using Subheadings?
      • Are you guiding your reader through the process of your investigation?
    • Check on the Interdisciplinary Framework
      • Have you clearly identified your TWO disciplinary approaches?
      • Are you "using the language" of these approaches throughout your essay?
    • Check on your Global Consciousness Framework
      • Have you positioned the issue personally, locally, and globally?
      • Have you incorporated and acknowledged differing perspectives?
  • Submit your Finished Draft to TurnItIn Again?
  • Submit your Finished Draft to Google Classroom (for my checkoff grade)
  • Print your finished draft, put it in a folder, and carry it to your Supervisor
REMEMBER: When you hand this folder to your supervisor, ask to set up a time (HOPEFULLY before Christmas break) to sit and discuss your essay.  Block out at least an hour for this....

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