Wednesday, November 30, 2016

TOK 1, Day 39 (11/30): Reflections on Teaching and Learning in the Diploma Program

First, let's watch this brief video about "Hume's Guillotine":

Hume suggests that there is a gap between the way things are (what we observe to be true) and the way things ought to be.  This is related to a number of logical fallacies with which we often come into contact (the Naturalistic Fallacy comes immediately to mind), and the problem seems most closely related to the goal of maintaining the status quo.

But what if we want to change the status quo? Despite the problem that Hume identifies, taking stock of current circumstances seems like a necessary first step in any attempt to move toward a better world.  If nothing else, Hume's Guillotine insists that present circumstances beg their own question.

With that in mind, please take the next few minutes to silently reflect on your experiences in the Diploma program thus far.  Make (at least) two lists, in which you attempt to identify what the IB Diploma Program IS as well as what you believe it OUGHT TO BE.

Fill your list with adjectives, qualities, examples, random thoughts, quotes, images, or whatever seems appropriate to capture your feelings on these two categories. The lists need not be mutually exclusive: It could be that some items belong on BOTH SIDES of the list.

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