Monday, October 17, 2016

TOK 1, Day 26 (10/17): IRW

Hey, gang! I'm absent.  While I'm gone, please use your time to do things that you need to do.  This might include:

Stuff for me:
  • Your Practice with TOK Questions assignment that I gave you like forever ago and none of you have touched yet.  This is on Google Classroom and is DUE by midnight tomorrow. Remember: no spoilers! Don't share your RLS with your classmates until our discussion on Wednesday.
  • Your first TOKIRL Blog.  
    • I finally did it! I made this assignment.  It's a thing of beauty. 
    • It is REALLY important that I get you writing and reflecting about the stuff we have been talking about, and truthfully, these blogs will probably make up the bulk of the graded work in this course going forward.  
    • Your first blog is due on Sunday, and then on every other Sunday going forward.  Read the instructions carefully. 
    • You have a lot of leeway for topics to write about, but I might suggest using this first blog as an opportunity to process all that heady math stuff that Grant talked us through last class.
    • You all wanted me to start writing, so I wrote this blog about Math and Beauty as an example (737 Words)
  • Reading for your One Page Papers: Natural Sciences will present on Nov. 2, Human Sciences will go on Dec. 8
Other stuff:
  • CAS Reflections: Some of you are doing GREAT! Others, not so much. 
  • Work for other classes: Use your resources, team up to accomplish great feats.
  • Decompress: Give yourself the opportunity to NOT THINK?! This might be worthwhile, but don't distract others.

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