Tuesday, October 4, 2016

TOK 1, Day 22 (10/4): Knowledge Claims, Concepts, & Questions (& Maths)

First, let's review the following ideas from TOK:
  • Knowledge Claims
  • Knowledge Questions
  • Knowledge Concepts
  • Real Life Situations
These are the building blocks of both your TOK Presentation and Essay.  Getting good at identifying Knowledge Claims, linking to knowledge concepts, and extracting Knowledge Questions from Real life situations is essential to success across this course, and across the IB Curriculum.

Now, we'll shift gears (slightly) back to our ongoing discussion of Mathematics.  As you view the video on Mathematics and Beauty, please record any and all explicit or implied Knowledge Claims made or alluded to.

After the video, we will work to follow these claims toward the formulation of good Knowledge Questions.

Your Homework (you can begin now):

  • Choose (or locate or develop) a Real Life Situation that has something to do with MATHS, and use it to complete the Knowledge Question Development Activity (On Google Classroom).
  • Feel free to choose your RLS from your own personal reading/knowledge/experience.
  • Having trouble coming up with an RLS?
  • Do not share your RLS with your classmates or me (yet!)
  • Be prepared to share and discuss your Knowledge question as we begin class on Tuesday, 10/11.

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