Friday, September 2, 2016

TOK 2, Day 11 (9/2): History as an AOK

REMEMBER:  The FIRST FIVE PAGES of your EE, along with accompanying Works Cited, are due TO ME by next Friday, September 9. This will be your first major grade for this course, and I WILL deduct points for incompleteness and/or tardiness.

Aims & Objectives:
  • develop an awareness of how individuals and communities construct knowledge and how this is critically examined
  • develop an interest in the diversity and richness of cultural perspectives and an awareness of personal and ideological assumptions
  • examine how academic disciplines/areas of knowledge generate and shape knowledge

Essential Questions:
  1. How do historians construct knowledge? 
  2. What counts as evidence in history?
  3. What role does interpretation play in constructing historical knowledge?
  4. What limits exist to our pursuit of objectivity in history?

Agenda (Google Slides):
  • "Prove That it Happened" Game


Blog: respond, in 400-600 words, to one of the following questions (Due Sunday, 9/4):
    1. To what extent is History always viewed through the lens of the present?
      1. What role does interpretation play in our understanding of the past?
        1. To what extent is objectivity attainable in history?
        Remember to model your response after a TOK Essay.  This means frame the question, give context and definition as needed, and ground your response in at least one Real Life Situation.

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