Wednesday, September 28, 2016

TOK 1, Day 20 (9/28): Maths & Knowledge Questions

Aims & Objectives

  • make connections between a critical approach to the construction of knowledge, the academic disciplines and the wider world.
  • critically reflect on their own beliefs and assumptions, leading to more thoughtful, responsible and purposeful lives.
  • identify and analyse the various kinds of justifications used to support knowledge claims.
  • examine how academic disciplines/areas of knowledge generate and shape knowledge.
  • formulate, evaluate and attempt to answer knowledge questions
  • explore links between knowledge claims, knowledge questions, ways of knowing and areas of knowledge
Essential Questions
  1. What role does beauty play in Mathematics?
  2. What role does mathematics play in beauty?
  • Continue discussion, "Are Numbers Real?"

  • Update your CAS reflections (at least two written reflections for the month)
  • 10/11 - Maths OPPs due: Cassandra, Malachi, Pate
  • "The Cave" Remediations Due 

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