Friday, May 20, 2016

TOK 1 End of Year

TOK 1: Here are your final responsibilities...

For the TOK Course:
  1. TOK SLO - Begin May 4, finish May 6
  2. TOK IRL Reflection from last Monday Class - I have Sara's, Tori's, and Mariana's
  3. Get a copy of Cat's Cradle.
For the EE:
  1. EE Formal Research Proposal - This is Very Late
    • Mariana - I have proposal but no Annotated Bibliography
    • I have nothing from Jacob, Tori, or Sophia
  2. Meet with EE Mentor to discuss Research Proposal - This will be documented in two ways
    • Your mentor will compose a note in Managebac to the effect that you have met
    • You will write a brief reflective note about the meeting in Managebac.  
      • Aim for a healthy paragraph 
      • where you started vs. where you are going
      • Revisions to focus/RQ?
      • Mentor's remarks
      • Next steps
  3. Complete Preliminary Outline - Due May 20 on Managebac - This can be very rough, but it should at least give an idea of your possible organizational structure, and DOING IT should give you an idea of what you still have left to learn.
For CAS:
  1. Update CAS reflections/activities for April
  2. Log CAS reflections/activities for May
  3. From Ms. Holloway: 
    1. FINALIZE all CAS Activities that end this year (band, clubs, etc.)
    2. Request supervisor review for these items (maybe let your supervisor know that these are in their email)
    3. Enter your Aims/Goals before you leave for Summer Break.
  4. Begin to think about CAS Project(s)
What have I forgotten to include?!?

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