Thursday, April 21, 2016

TOK 1 (4/22): TOK Presentation Practice

Since we do not have enough time left in class to do the full presentation process this year, we will take the time we do have to talk through the process as far as possible.

Next class (Tuesday), you will each take 5 or so minutes to talk us through your choice of RLS, the thinking you've done about it, the knowledge question(s) you are wrestling with, and how you see those KQs developing.

To prepare for this, you should have completed:

  • Select a Real Life Situation that is complex, nuanced and layered and worthy of exploration from a TOK Perspective
  • Use the “Practice With Knowledge Questions” form and the “Knowledge Questions, Concepts, and Claims” to extract strong Knowledge Question
  • Complete the “Topic Development Questions” for their real-life situation.  Though this form is an early draft for their ideas, it should be completed to a high degree of specificity.

Click on the “TOK Presentation” Tab above to access all these documents.

What you share next class will grow out of these documents.  I hope that this is less presentation than discussion, where one person shares ideas that we all then help to develop as a group.  Come ready to engage in the thinking of your classmates.

I have moved the SLO to Monday to give us a chance next class to talk through a couple more TOK Titles, and review the context and contents of a good TOK Essay.

See This End of Year Calendar

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