Wednesday, March 9, 2016

TOK 1: Practice with TOK Concepts, Questions, and Real Life Situations

Take the first 25 minutes of class to free-write on the following Prompt:

“Without application in the world, the value of knowledge is greatly diminished.” Consider this claim with respect to two areas of knowledge.

Rather than trying to write paragraphs, make a list of your ideas as they come to you.  Hit enter twice when your brain jumps to a new idea. Try to consider:

  • What words and ideas are key to understanding this prompt? What are tentative meanings/definitions for these words/ideas?
  • What TOK concepts seem to be at play?
  • What Knowledge Questions spring from the demands of the prompt?
  • What sorts of arguments are there that seem to  support the assertion? To refute it?
  • What ways of knowing are at play in thinking about this prompt?
  • What areas of knowledge seem pertinent?
  • How does the meaning of the prompt change within the context of different AOK/WOK?
  • What Real life situations come to mind when you think about this prompt?
Do not stop writing! If you get stuck, reread your list and add to ideas you have already thought of.

When we finish, take 5 minutes to reread all that you wrote.  Take note:

  1. Where did you finally "hit a stride" with the task?  How did you find entry into it?
  2. What one idea do you have that is already WELL PUT? This is an explanation that you think is clear and compelling and strongly worded.
  3. What one idea do you have that still feels half-formed? It seems important, but maybe you aren't sure how to say it yet?
  4. Note previously unnoticed links between your ideas.  
  5. Pick one question above that you found (relatively) easy to answer and one that you found difficult (or that you haven't yet addressed).

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