Tuesday, February 9, 2016

TOK 2: Day 59 (2/11) - TOK Essay

Begin by downloading this PDF, which is the required TOK Essay Planning and Progress Form. In order to edit and save this information, you will need the newest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.  (If you can't get it, just write your reflections somewhere else for now, and we will transfer them into the form later!)

Fill out the first part of the form.  For your "First Interaction," you should reflect on the preliminary discussions that we had about the titles (on 1/20 and 2/9).  You will fill out

Then, check out these "OLD" TOK Assessment Criteria.  While these are no longer the official criteria for assessing your essay (that criteria can be found here), they are useful in their specificity.

Notice the main points of emphasis in this document.  Your essay should:
  1. Identify and explore compelling knowledge issues that are clearly related to the prescribed title.
  2. Demonstrate an understanding of your OWN perspective as a learner, and develop links between this perspective and the issues raised by the prescribed title.
  3. Carefully analyze knowledge questions related to the prescribed titles, acknowledging the subtlety of the issues involved, naming and exploring assumptions, and considering counterclaims and multiple perspectives.
  4. Present ideas within a logical and coherent organizational structure.  Cite sources appropriately.
One website suggests that you think of these criteria as follows

CONTENT (criterion A)- incorporation of Knowledge Issues
CREATIVITY (criterion B)- incorporation of Personal Thought 
CRITICAL THINKING (criterion C)- incorporation of arguments and counter-arguments 
CLARITY (criterion D)- well-structured essay

For the rest of this class period, I would like you to prepare for a one-on-one conference with me next block.  The two things I want you to have prepared when you come to this conference include:

1: A "Prepared" version of your the Free-write that you began last class period.  You may continue to accumulate ideas for a while, but before the end of the block I would like you to give it enough shape that it could act as a focus of conversation at our individual conference next class. You could do this by:
  1. Sorting/organizing your current ideas
  2. Creating a set of headings
  3. Highlighting/annotating
  4. Translating your notes into a visual representation - mind map, tree diagram, etc.
Whatever means you use to shape this exploration, I'd like for you to identify
  1. Your favorite idea/point
  2. Your best concrete example
  3. Your most surprising or counter-intuitive thought
  4. The most muddled point of your thinking
  5. An opportunity to explore your own perspective as a learner
2: A completed TOK Essay Planning Document - Please be as thorough and detailed as possible. You will see that some of this might be drawn directly from your preliminary exploration, but the TOK Essay Planning Document should be used as a first step toward creating a plan for content & structure.

Print both of these documents out and bring them with you to our conference.

Some additional resources for planning/preparing your TOK Essay:

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