Tuesday, February 9, 2016

TOK 2: Day 58 (2/9) - TOK Essay Brainstorming & Freewriting

Please take out your Prescribed Title Brainstorming work.  We will spend the first 30 minutes or so discussing your preliminary ideas for these topics.

After that, I'd like you to spend about 40 minutes freewriting on your chosen topic.  This freewrite should be:

  • Continuous - Don't stop writing.  
    • Let thinking flow from your mind to your fingers.
    • When you get to a block-point, begin rereading what you've written and pick up where your mind strikes on something new.
    • Often your own preliminary ideas will spark new ideas upon review.
  • Freeform - Do NOT focus on organization. 
    • Force yourself to let your mind follow threads.  
    • If you know you are "jumping around", hit enter twice and start a new block of text.  This makes your thinking easier to delineate later.
  • Focused on OPENING rather than CLOSING
    • Raise questions, even if they seem too dumb or too hard to answer
    • List possible avenues
    • Explore an anecdote that pops in your head, even if you're not sure how its related.

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