Monday, February 22, 2016

TOK 1, Day 62 (2/22): Math in the World

Today we will present our Math in the world mini-project
You will be responsible for identifying Math as it interacts with other Areas of Knowledge and Ways of Knowing in the real world. Each of you will be attempting to discover links between Math and one other area of knowledge, and to ground these links in real-life situations.

Steps in the process:
  1. Pick an Area of Knowledge other than Math (each of you should pick a different AOK!) 
  2. Now: brainstorm ways that this area of knowledge seems to interact with Mathematics.  What do they have in common?  Where do they seem to be in tension?  Consider for each:
    • Scope & Application
    • Concepts & Language
    • Methodology
    • Historical Development
    • Links to Personal Knowledge
  3. Create a visual representation of the comparison. This could be a map, a Venn diagram, an infographic, a collage of some sort, or any creative expression of the relationships.  But make it specific, and make it beautiful.
  4. Finally, seek out a real-life situation (personal, historical, or current event) that demonstrates some interesting and thought-provoking interaction between these two areas of knowledge.  
Now, begin by:
  1. Showing us your visual representation and talking us through the commonalities and differences that you perceive between the two Areas of Knowledge. (feel free to raise questions for us!  Inspire discussion!)
  2. Summarizing/describing/demonstrating your Real-life situation, and pointing to the ways that it shed new light on our understanding.
  3. Raising one good Knowledge question based on your Real-life situation.  Try to incorporate one or more of the Knowledge Concepts (see poster), and remember the qualities of a good Knowledge Question.

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