Wednesday, January 20, 2016

TOK 2: Day 51 (1/20) - Inside Out & the TOK Essay

Let's start by debriefing on Inside Out.  Please access the materials that you worked on in relation to this flick. (Blog post and viewing guide).

I hope our discussion can center around the major questions:

  • What role do emotions play in the development of our personalities? 
  • What are our "core memories" and how do we see them shaping our personalities?
  • What is the relationship between emotion and memory?
  • What emotions does our society value more than others?  What effect does this have on us?
Then, we will begin our work toward the TOK Essay by opening up the floor to discussion of this years Prescribed Titles. Focus questions for this discussion include:

  • Which of these titles "speaks to you" and why?
  • What important concepts and definitions are embedded in these titles?
  • What areas of knowledge/ways of knowing seem to lend themselves to these titles?
  • How are these titles reflected in the real world?

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