Tuesday, January 19, 2016

TOK 1: Day 51 (1/19) Outside In & Extended Essay

Let's start by debriefing on Inside Out.  Please access the materials that you worked on in relation to this flick. (Blog post and viewing guide).

I hope our discussion can center around the major questions:

  • What role do emotions play in the development of our personalities? 
  • What are our "core memories" and how do we see them shaping our personalities?
  • What is the relationship between emotion and memory?
  • What emotions does our society value more than others?  What effect does this have on us?
Then, we will work toward a little EE deadline:
  • Secure your EE mentor
  • Develop a preliminary research question.
  • Write an email to him/her that describes your ideas and requests a meeting.

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