Monday, January 4, 2016

TOK 1: Day 46 (1/4) Extended Essay Topics Discussion

Welcome Back!

Any particularly "ToK" stuff happen over the break?

Today we need to talk about Extended Essay Topics.  Please get a computer and access your EE Topic Development & Rationale Worksheet.

We will begin by sharing and discussing these ideas.  Be ready to share your own (partial or unfinished or open-ended) thinking about your topic, and to be a springboard for the topics of your classmates.

I will just jot down notes based on your ideas.

Next, we need to discuss possible Extended Essay Mentors, and the process for securing a mentor.  

Finally, I will talk to you about the Formal EE Research Proposal.

The remaining time today should be spent updating your Extended Essay Action Plan to reflect your plans for the Formal Research proposal - if you haven't already, please open this document, make a copy ("File" --> "Make a Copy...") and then move this copy to your EE Folder ("File" --> "Organize")

You could also begin developing an email to your possible Mentor.  Include:

  • Greeting
  • Some general information about the EE, and what mentors do (see EE Guide section 4. Responsibilities)
  • Some general information about the direction of your topic
  • A request to meet, along with 3 possible meeting times (be flexible -- teachers are busy, too!)

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