Monday, January 11, 2016

TOK 1 and 2 - Days 49 & 50 - Inside Out and the Human Sciences

While I'm out conducting English IOCs, please reflect on the Human Sciences as they are presented in the recent Disney/Pixar film, Inside Out.

Please begin by copying the following quote into your blog and reflecting on it in writing for 20 to 25 minutes:
What role do emotions play in the development of our personalities? How do our emotional responses interact with other ways of knowing (like reason) to help guide us in making important decisions in our lives?
At the end of this time, please turn your attention to the Inside Out Viewing Guide (Access and Complete on Google Classroom).  Please enjoy the film and use the viewing guide to reflect on the film's relation to TOK concepts.

Additionally, please remember the following:

  • Seniors should be Revising your midterm essays (due Friday)
  • Everyone should be updating their CAS reflections (DO IT!)
  • Juniors should be Developing your EE Mentor Request (email) or Formal Proposal

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