Thursday, December 10, 2015

TOK 2: Day 42 (12/10)


  • Vicky will present for her CAS Project (Q & A to follow)


  • History: Using the History Knowledge Framework as a Lens for Interpretation
  • Radiolab: Mau Mau

Midterm Assignment


  • Unless otherwise specified, all CAS Project Stuff should be Done Before Break!!


  • You should already have arranged a meeting with your mentor to discuss your draft before the break.
  • On 1/8 (your first day back), we will do a thorough review of EE for formatting concerns.  Then we will submit them.  And that will be that.


  • I will give you your midterm assignment Today.  
  • You will have Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to complete it.  
  • You must submit it to me on paper and digitally ON FRIDAY.
  • We will spend the last 30 minutes of Friday sharing (briefly) our ideas. (Prepare 2 slides)

TOK Essays

  • Your Midterm is a mock TOK Essay.  
  • We will continue to discuss TOK Essays in January, and will write your final essays in February.

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