Thursday, November 12, 2015

TOK 2: Day 34 (11/12) - Extended Essay

  • Use the Extended Essay Guide to check your Extended Essay Format. 
    • See especially this link, which talks explicitly about formatting a professional document.
    • Also, read this criteria checklist and review your Extended Essay with a critical eye.
  • Submit Your Extended Essay on
  • Also, submit your essay on Google Classroom.
  • Finally, submit your essay to your mentor:
    • Print your essay (you may have to use my computer or go to the library)
    • Staple it, 
    • Put it in a manila folder (on my desk) write your name on the tab 
    • Leave your printed essay, in its folder, on my desk.  I will add some information for your mentors, and we will deliver them next week.
  • After you turn in your EE, you are required to NOT THINK ABOUT IT for at least TWO WEEKS! (Take a break. You deserve it.)

  • When you are all finished, you can begin watching “F for Fake”, which is about authenticity, and authorship and value in the arts.  (And it’s one of Orson Welles’s weirder late films, and he is a personality to behold all on his own.)
    • The movie is on my black and red flash drive.  Eli please help get it started playing on my computer.
  • Please also work together to untangle and reorganize the cords in the laptop cart, get all the computers plugged in neatly, and then close the cart up for me.  Thanks!

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