Thursday, November 5, 2015

TOK 1: Day 32 (11/5) - History


  1. Extended Essay Finished Draft (3000+) Due Nov. 13
    • Review Formatting and requirements on the Extended Essay Guide
    • Assignment is on
      • Class ID: 11081360
      • Enrollment PW: TrojanTOK
    • Also on Google Classroom
    • Also Print and deliver (in a folder) to your EE Mentor IN PERSON.
  2. Update your CAS Progress regularly.
    • Ms. Holloway will be here on Monday to have 1-on-1 conferences with you regarding your CAS Project.

  • Set Up Blogs
  • History, Bias and Selection Activity


  • Write a blog (400-600 Words) based on the following knowledge claim:
"Bias is inevitable in the study of history."

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