Monday, October 12, 2015

TOK 2: Day 23 (10/12) - TOK Presentation Prep

TOK Presentations

I will meet with Carleigh and Vicky today!

All Documents attached to Google Classroom, and are also available on the NEW TOK Presentation section of this Blog (click on the above tab)

  • Presentation Assignment Description
  • Calendar of Presentation Dates and Pre-Meeting Dates
  • Topic Development Questions Assignment - Please be sure to complete the Topic Development Questions BEFORE you arrive at your meeting with me.
  • TK/PPD form - This must be completed carefully, as it is the method by which your presentation will be moderated
  • Rubric

Extended Essay Reminders

  • Here is the Digital EE Guide (also linked on the right side of this site)
  • Submit your Outline and Bibliography to your mentors. I will be meeting with them next week to go over assessment criteria.  You should meet with them also in the coming weeks
  • Be adding to a Researchers Reflection Space (RRS) - see that section of the EE Guide for ideas about what to include!
  • Your Draft (due November 13) should be as near complete as you can get it.  Remember that THIS IS YOUR ONE CHANCE FOR MENTOR COMMENTARY before the final submission.

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