Monday, October 19, 2015

TOK 1: Day 25 (10/19)

Today we will continue work on our first Written Assessment: Plato's Allegory of the Cave & the TOK Ways of Knowing.

  • Continue Drafting Essay
    • Formal Essay Structure
      • Effective introduction (Narrative?)
      • Clear Organizational Patterns
      • Careful development of difficult concepts
      • Deliberate transitions between ideas
      • Thoughtful attention to the possibilities of language for creating beauty
  • Revise/Edit/Polish
    • Logical Development?
    • Clear explanation?
    • Correct Grammar?
    • Concrete Examples?
  • I will use This Rubric to assess your essay
Coming up:
  • 10/21: Essay Due at the Start of class, on Turn It In and Google Classroom.
  • Due 10/27: Remediate your Essay into a visual representation that captures your essential meanings and arguments.  Think creatively about the best way to portray your ideas.

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