Wednesday, September 23, 2015

TOK 2: Day 18 - IRW

Independent Research and Writing
My son, Will, has Strep....again.....

Please use this day to complete any or all of the following:

Extended Essay Sentence Outline /Annotated Bibliography Due 9/28. (I Have created an assignment in Google Classroom for you to submit this.  After you submit it to me, go ahead and print it out, and we will put it in a folder to submit to your mentors.)
  • Outline: 
    • Make it specific. Format it correctly.
    • Incorporate all parts of essay
    • Include all major/minor points
    • Include references to sources where appropriate
  • Annotated Bibliography
    • 10-15 Sources
    • Separate into Primary/Secondary
    • Appropriate Bibliographic Style (MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.)
    • Brief synopsis of each work
CAS: Please be updating CAS activities, reflections, documentation. I will do a Check before next progress report. At least 2 activities per month! (I'll be checking this next week.)

TOK Presentation: Feel Free to begin work on your real-life presentation. 

  • I would like to start presentations on October 12 (which is a Monday) and do no more than two per day for that week and the next week.  
  • I added this to our IB Core Calendar. October 12, 14, 16, 20, and 22.  (I'm really fine with doing one a day and pushing into the next week also). 
  • This lets us avoid Homecoming week, and also gives whoever wants to sign up for that first day time to develop their pres and consult with me at least once beforehand.  
  • If you guys want to sort of who's going when, feel free!
Other Stuff: You know how to prioritize.

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