Wednesday, September 16, 2015

TOK 2: Day 15 (9/16) - IRW

I will be in and out today, as I am scheduled to visit all IB classes to complete Exam Registration.

Ms. Holloway will be here at the beginning of class for a CAS update!

You should use this time as will best benefit you.  Keep in mind the following:
  • Mock TOK Presentations will occur on Friday, 9/18.  Please be prepared! 
    • ~10 minutes total. 
    • Treat it like the real thing!
    • See Below (or Google Classroom) for instructions
  • Extended Essay Sentence Outline /Annotated Bibliography Due 9/28.
    • Outline: 
      • Make it specific. 
      • Incorporate all parts of essay
      • Include all major/minor points
      • Include references to sources where appropriate
    • Annotated Bibliography
      • 10-15 Sources
      • Separate into Primary/Secondary
      • Appropriate Bibliographic Style (MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.)
      • Brief synopsis of each work
  • Please be updating CAS activities, reflections, documentation.  I will do a Check before next progress report. At least 2 activities per month!
  • First College App Deadline = Oct. 1?

Mock TOK Presentation:

Your Assignment: Work with a partner to develop a practice TOK Presentation.
  • For the purposes of this mock presentation, please choose a Real Life Situation that deals (directly or indirectly) with either The Arts or History as an Area of Knowledge.
  • For the purposes of this mock presentation, please limit your presentation to 10 minutes total (remember that, for the REAL presentation, the appropriate time will be 10 minutes per presenter)
  • Please use the "Knowledge Questions, Concepts, & Claims" and "Practice with Knowledge Questions" handouts to guide your development of the presentation.
  • As you develop your presentation, please complete the TK/PPD form that is used for IA moderation.  Note: all of your responses are limited to 500 words or fewer (TOTAL!), so think carefully about how can best demonstrate your work here!!
  • Consider the TOK Presentation Rubric as your complete your presentation.
  • Due Date: 9/18/2015

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