Monday, September 14, 2015

TOK 1: Day 14 (9/14)

Sorry that I am absent. My 3-year old, Daniel, woke up with a fever.

Please start/continue working on your mock-TOK Presentation. Please guide Carleigh and Vicki through the lessons of last class.

Your Assignment: Work with a partner to develop a practice TOK Presentation.  
  • For the purposes of this mock presentation, please choose a Real Life Situation that deals (directly or indirectly) with either The Arts or History as an Area of Knowledge.
  • For the purposes of this mock presentation, please limit your presentation to 10 minutes total (remember that, for the REAL presentation, the appropriate time will be 10 minutes per presenter)
  • Please use the "Knowledge Questions, Concepts, & Claims" and "Practice with Knowledge Questions" handouts to guide your development of the presentation.
  • As you develop your presentation, please complete the TK/PPDform that is used for IA moderation.  Note: all of your responses are limited to 500 words or fewer (TOTAL!), so think carefully about how can best demonstrate your work here!!
  • Consider the TOK Presentation Rubric as your complete your presentation.
  • Due Date: 9/18/2015
Be sure that you have written a good Knowledge Question for your presentation:
  • Explicitly about knowledge
  • Open-ended with a number of plausible answers
  • Expressed in general terms
Use the Knowledge Concepts Chart on the wall near the supplies caddie.

Wednesday: IRW
Friday: Presentations, IRW

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